Surveys on Circumvention Tools & Usability in Open Source Projects

As mentioned in previous posts, we at OpenITP, are working on guidelines for improving user experience and internationalization approaches in open source projects, with emphasis on tools used for anti-surveillance and anti-censorship online (circumvention tools). As part of this exercise, we have drawn out three surveys, please take part in the one(or those) that apply to you as indicated below.

1. If you have never used/heard of circumvention tools, then please take this survey:

2. If you have used (or are using) circumvention tools, then please take this survey:

3. If you are a developer/designer/product manager(or other form of contributor) in open source projects(regardless of the target/nature of the open source product/project), then please take this survey:

Please note that we will not allow any personally identifiable information to be public. Your input is highly valued and will help improve the various open source circumvention tools that we support at OpenITP.

Thank you!

More details on this project are available here: